Brochure for audio equipment company DTS

(Italiano) DTS flyer

Flyer for Epic Machines

Epic Machines flyer

logo Brain-Sys

Brain-Sys logo

Logo redesign for Italian IT company Brain-Sys

Immigration to Italy

In Search of Psi

Book and cover design

Ramprate Case Studies papers

Ramprate Case Studies papers

Case study papers for IT company Ramprate

let's talk tablets - infographics for company Infragistics

Let’s Talk Tablets

Good Food for Everyone Forever

Cover design and book layout

American gold medals

PIL pro capite

Map of Civitella Paganico

Map of the area with tourist facilities for the Tourist information office of Civitella Paganico

Tariffe taxi

Comparison of taxi fares in major cities, with emphasis on Rome

Province italiane

Pari Dialogues – Vol. 2

Book and cover design

Idilio Dell’Era /2

A Flickering Reality

Cover design and book layout

Debito pubblico greco

Corsera – Finmatica

Corsera – Autogrill

Corsera – Marcegaglia