Poster for the East and West conference, Pari, Italy

East and West conference

Layout del manifesto per il centenario di Galep a Casale di Pari (disegno originale di Fabio Civitelli)

Galep100 poster layout

Poster for Aurelio Galleppini’s centennial in Casale di Pari, August 2017.
Original drawing by Fabio Civitelli, colors and layout by Andrea Barbieri

poster per il centenario di David Bohm

Bohm Centennial conference

Poster for the David Bohm centennial event in Pari, September 2017

Idilio Dell’Era /2

Nuvole in Toscana

Poster for cartoon exhibition “Nuvole in Toscana”

In elevato monte

Poster for a cultural event organized by the town of Civitella Paganico

Idilio Dell’Era

Galep exhibition poster

Poster for the exhibition on cartoonist Aurelio Galleppini (Galep)

“Ethical choices” conference poster

Poster for the conference “Ethical Choices” in Siena, 2006